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Senior Insurance

Medicare is a great start, but may not provide all of the coverage you need. Unplanned medical expenses could be an unwelcome surprise. Supplemental insurance can help cover the Medicare gap.

Things to Consider

Medicare Part A and Part B typically cover only about 80% of your medical bills with perscriptions being partially covered under Part D. There are two types of policies available to fill these gaps; Medigap and Medicare Advantage Plans.

 Medigap Plans

Available as Medigap Plan A through L, policies sold by all companies must be the same. Generally you must have Medicare Part A and B to be eligible. These plans are a great way to minimize out-of-pocket expenses associated with the Medicare coverage gap.

  Advantage Plans

These plans act much like a standard medical plan and provide a comprehensive package of benefits that typically exceed standard Medicare. These plans can help you get more out of your health care dollar and have various options available.